Residential Statement of Purpose

Fred Nicholson School Residential Boarding

Statement of Purpose

Welcome to the Tree House, we are the residential boarding provision of Fred Nicholson School.  We believe it is an integral part of your Child’s personal and social development. We aim to provide daily living experiences and activities, which are meaningful and memorable and designed to meet the needs of individual children in areas that are personal to them, whilst supporting the school’s vision and ethos for all pupils to gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to live a rewarding and productive life.

Choosing alternative accommodation for your child can be a daunting and difficult decision, but I hope that by reading this document you will begin to understand the ethos of our residential boarding provision. I want you to feel happy and confident in the decision you make and therefore extend an invite to you and those close to you to visit the Tree House so that you may add to your understanding, and discuss placement with us.

Our staff are committed to supporting children in a manner that is centred and focused around their individual needs, interests and skills.

Karen Millen
Head of Care