Uniform, PE Kit and Clothing Checklist

We have a school dress code and we hope that parents will co-operate and ensure that pupils are suitably dressed for school. School sweatshirts are available through the School Office and are royal blue in colour. If you are unable to afford the sweatshirt we would still like to see children at school with a jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan that is Royal Blue, or as close to as possible. We do, on occasion, have a small supply of used sweatshirts for purchase that parents have to returned to us, also available at the School Office.

Pupils in Year 11 may wear a distinctive sweatshirt of jumper of a colour which vary from year to year and is decided by the whole Year 11 group. 

The overall standard we wish to achieve is one in which all children attend school looking smart and with a high degree of uniformity.

Years 10 and 11 wear suitable clothing for Work Related Learning Activities.

Forest Schools

For those pupils taking part in Forest Schools activities a clothing checklist is available on this website under the Curricullum section: Enhancement Areas:Forest School

Please make sure that all school uniform/PE kit is labelled with your child’s name.

School uniform
BoysGrey or black trousers, White or collared polo shirt, Black shoes or black trainers, Fred Nicholson School sweatshirt or royal blue sweatshirt or jumper
GirlsGrey or black dress, skirt or trousers, White blouse or collared polo shirt, Black shoes or black trainers, Fred Nicholson School sweatshirt or royal blue sweatshirt or jumper

PE Kit
Children must be provided with a change of clothing for PE and games. Parents will be informed when their child is swimming and they will be informed of any special requirements for games.

A towel is needed for showering after PE.

PE Uniform
Required:Plain white T-shirt, Black PE Shorts, Trainers, Towel
Optional for outside lessons:Plain black/navy tracksuit, Spare socks
Swimming:Girls: One piece costume, Boys KS2: Swimming trunks, Boys KS3/4: Swimming shorts.