School Day & Assemblies

Timetable for the day
08:55Tutor Time
09:10Morning maths and Independence
09:35Lesson 1
10:20Lesson 2
11:20Lesson 3
12:05Lunch (first session)
12:35Lunch (second session)
1:35Lesson 4
2:20Lesson 5
3:05Tutor Time
3:15Assemble for Transport/Collection
Lunch time arrangements
Lower School12:05
Upper School12:05

There is a whole school assembly on Friday which includes the time to reflect on the week, to review the theme of the week and to celebrate achievement. A member of staff is responsible for choosing the music and a Year 11 pupil takes responsibility for the organisation. The assembly schedule is available on the school network and the PHSCE.ED subject manager is responsible for disseminating a weekly schedule of ‘Thoughts for the Day’. These thoughts are also displayed around the school. Tutors are expected to spend some time at the beginning of each day reflecting on these themes.

Themes of assemblies are broad and focus on moral and behavioural themes. We encourage all pupils to be present in assembly as these themes underpin the ethos of the school and are an essential foundation to the curriculum. We also welcome a local church group into school on a monthly basis to celebrate an assembly based on a religious theme. Where parents wish for pupils to be withdrawn due to religious beliefs we ensure that they can access the underlying themes.

We also hold whole school assemblies on other days where it is relevant. For example, Harvest Festival where pupils bring in food items that are then taken to a food bank.