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Governors’ Annual Statement

Chairs Statement 2022

On behalf of the Governing Body we would like to welcome you and your child to Fred Nicholson School. Our success criteria are that your child should leave us having reached their individual potential through enjoying their learning, experiencing success and celebrating their achievements. We are proud of our school where we promote learning, independence and achievement for all within a caring supportive environment. We know your child will have a positive experience here.

The Head and staff are a strong team who work together in collaboration with you. They are committed, innovative in their approach and care that young people are fully supported in their development. We have an excellent care team who carry on this ethos for those who board with us.

We all have in common a strong desire to ensure your child receives an outstanding education in a safe, caring and inclusive environment.

An active Governing Body, we are involved and welcomed in the school. You will often see us about the school, especially at events or when we visit to monitor the different aspects of school life. A lot of the work takes place behind the scenes though, when we monitor where the school is at in its development plan and discuss ways forward in both the short and longer term.

We are always looking for practical ideas to improve the school experience and so we welcome your comments and feedback. If you wish to speak to one of us, please feel free to do so.

We are looking forward to raising the profile of Friends of Fred Nicholson and welcoming members back into school as we value their contribution towards the school community.

As a school, we are delighted to have achieved the National Autistic Society Accreditation for the third time, as well as consistently positive feedback in our annual residential inspection and once again achieved a very positive Ofsted report. We thank our staff teams for their hard work in gaining and maintaining these standards.

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Hilary Bradshaw

Chair of Governors Mrs Hilary Bradshaw, the Chair of Governors, can be contacted via email at:  hilarybradshaw@icloud.com