Please see the links below to some of our policies. If you would like information connected with a policy not listed please contact the School Office on 01362 693915 or email to office@frednicholson.norfolk.sch.uk and we will be happy to email or post this to you.

We continue to work within the policies laid out, however where we may need to have amended our approach in order to offer everyone a Covid safe environment it is important to note that we are offering virtual meetings and conference calls in place of face to face meetings. Professionals responsible for the wellbeing and progress of our pupils continue to be able to access our school, working within ours and their work place risk assessments. Please talk to us if you need clarity around how Covid might impact a way in which we are working and the steps we have taken to ensure yours and our communities safety.

Our risk assessment and details of our tiered approach are available on the website.

Prior to meeting with Stakeholders (visiting them at their site) we will ensure we contact them beforehand and send them our C19 Guidance for Professional visits information sheet.  This outlines our expectations of how we expect Stakeholders to offer our staff a safe working environment.