Governors’ Annual Statement

Annual Governance Statement for the governing body of FNS July 2019

The governing body has continued to develop and establish the senior leadership team who are well embedded into the school and implementing their ideas through the School Improvement and Development Plan. The Governors and whole staff team collaborate on the plan. The Committees have been engaged in many areas.  Set out below are the main involvements in the past year:

Standards and Development committee

  • Provided support and challenge around the further development of the curriculum to meet the needs of the pupils.
  • Supporting the Leadership team on continuing to develop the data recording and assessment systems (Solar and Norfolk Assessment Pathways), which meets the requirements of new curriculum.
  • To aid safeguarding, a more secure arrival process has been installed for staff, pupils and visitors to enter the school.
  • Strategic decisions made with respect to the use of Pupil Premium based on provision map information provided.
  • Several governors attended training around safeguarding and induction procedures in school to enable them to provide better challenge.
  • Monitoring of teaching, learning, and the learning environment especially in respect of the use and impact of interventions as well as the efficacy of the KS2 curriculum and the EYFS approach.
  • Provided challenge and support for both the Learning Support Department and the Residential and Safeguarding Teams including scrutinising the single central record on a regular basis.
  • Monitoring of attendance and overview of admissions.
  • Monitoring Orchard House in particular posing challenge and support through the changes to the management structure following expansion of numbers and reorganisation of staffing.
  • Monitoring of staff and Headteacher well being and workload
  • Reviewing policies
  • Reviewed Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development of the pupils Leadership and Management as well as Outcomes elements of the SEF and linked areas of the SIDP.


  • Approving the decision to have a Finance and HR review procedures and monitoring the actions that have come out of this. In response to this Governors have supported purchasing an enhanced level of support from the LA for HR.
  • In response to the review and the continuous monitoring of the budget, we have identified and corrected errors in staff pay.
  • Overseen health and safety records and appointed a new H&S governor who has attended training.
  • Governors have overseen tenders for grounds management. A new grounds management team have been contracted.
  • Reorganisation of the Laundry has continued and we have continued to monitor the workload and efficiency of the service it provides the school with.
  • Approved pay and progression of teachers and the pay policy
  • Work collaboratively with the Headteacher on various HR and Pupil issues.
  • Organised and carried out the Headteacher’s PM and monitored Headteacher’s Finance training
  • Further developed the premises – procurement of the windows for residential and refurbishment of the residential area. Governors have also supported and approved the plans for the Staff areas and additional toilets and offices to support the schools expansion over the years.
  • Led on staff appointments especially around the administration of the school.
  • Reviewing policies
  • Reviewed the School context of the SEF and leadership and management elements of the SIDP
  • Monitored the implementation of GDPR and the continued awareness and impact of its remit in the workplace.

Full Governing Body

  • Consulted staff and parents on the conversion to Academy status in our plans to form the Anglia Inclusion Multi Academy Trust. Extensive work took place around this including due diligence, TUPEE and the full formation of the Trust board. However, one of the partner schools’ governing bodies decided not to go forward at the final vote and this made the trust formation unviable in the light of the current financial landscape.
  • Scrutinise the feedback from Parents, pupils and staff questionnaires around their experience of FNS
  • Agreed the refurbishment of boarding including new windows and the reorganisation of the staff planning and preparation spaces and staff facilities.
  • Support the Headteacher in championing the immediate and future needs of the school premises with the LA. Included within this is the work done to raise awareness around the impact of tribunal numbers on workload. The pressure on both space in school and the conditions of this space have been flagged up with all departments.
  • Reviewed the working of the revised management structure.  The Leadership and management part of the SEF was also reviewed collaboratively with input from both SMT and governors. Monitoring development of the Physical, Sensory and Interaction team in light of the new Sensory facilities.
  • Receiving feedback on the residential Ofsted and monitoring response to action plan following inspection
  • Training for Governors including subjects such as governor induction sessions, safer recruitment, finance for Academies, exclusions, safeguarding, health and safety and PE grant sports funding.
  • Continued monitoring of Perspective in terms of performance management and quality of the SEF in reflecting the needs of the staff and pupils.
  • Monitored and reviewed the SIDP and prioritised next steps.
  • Received reports from the School Council
  • Monitored the impact of Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural curriculum through school
  • Received and challenged the Headteacher’s report
  • Monitored the efficacy of the new Life and Living curriculum in KS4.

Governor Visits

Governors have monitored Orchard House and residential (Standard 20 visits), attended SMT and Access to Learning meetings, attended whole school INSET on safeguarding.  They have also spoken to parents at new admissions meetings and Parent Access days. Carried out a number of monitoring visits and reported on and followed up on their outcomes.  This includes budget setting and financial monitoring, EHCP monitoring and supporting the Headteacher with safeguarding and HR issues. Governors have also supported the school in a range of extra curriculum activities.

Future Priorities

The future priorities of the Governors have been identified as:

  • To evaluate the potential opportunities for FNS available within and external to Norfolk. To consider the need to academise or not in the light of AIMAT not being viable and the current financial and political landscape. This will include a consultation with our families and staff around becoming a foundation school without foundation in at least an interim if not permanent status.
  • To raise awareness of the diminished facilities that have occurred on site in order to accommodate growing numbers of pupils through tribunals. To ensure that in accommodating these extra pupils we continue to offer high quality learning for all but that our pupils and staff are not overlooked in the LA’s Transformation plans in restoring and providing appropriate space and facilities.
  • To monitor the well being, workload and mental health of staff, this will oversee staff attendance, retention in workforce etc
  • To monitor the impact of the curriculum to ensure it meets the need of our ever changing cohort particularly in the light of the new inspection framework and changes to the content of PSHCE and SRE.
  • To investigate the broader use of Brom Com to ensure it is confidently used and its full potential is realised.
  • To continue to support the restructured leadership team and monitor the development of the Physical Sensory and Interaction team and Orchard House in particular.
  • To strengthen the governing body and embed new members in the light of not forming AIMAT.

Attendance Record of Governors

Our core established governors had an excellent attendance record at meetings.  We had to ratify items discussed on one occasion in both Resources and Standards due to unavoidable absence through ill health.  See details for individual governors.