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We recognise the importance of good attendance and its impact on the progress pupils make. We understand some absences are unavoidable and ask you to contact us on the first day and keep us informed throughout. If no explanation has been received from home, a member of the administrative staff will phone to establish the reason for absence. We are monitored by the Local Authority and have to account for all time away from school. 

We are happy to work with parents where they are having difficulties getting their child to school but will refer to the Attendance Service where there are patterns of absence that are unaccounted for.

Although we recognise that it can be difficult and expensive to organise holidays out of school time, we encourage you where possible to do this. The governors have taken a policy decision not to authorise holidays in term time. 

We have a reward system for pupils achieving high levels of attendance and find that pupils respond well to this. 

For more information, please see our Attendance policy.