Sensory need

Children in Orchard have a range of sensory needs, to support them we have resources and programmes in in the different areas of Orchard to support them. If pupils have an identified specific need or require an intervention they will have access to the Fred Nicholson School’s sensory room.   

This space provides our pupils with either a relaxing and calming environment, or a highly stimulating and interactive space.  Children who use the sensory room can access multi-sensory equipment, there are bubble tubes, fibre optics, mood lighting and tactile panels.  It can also include fragrance, media projection, or even sensory integration equipment

Within the main school there is also a second sensory space which Orchard children can have access to if referred and assessed as having a specific identified need. Through assessment from the in-house Occupational Therapist targets will be set to help children improve the way they perceive input from the environment (such as touch or sound) and then respond to it. The purpose of any sensory diet is to change how the child perceives sensory stimuli.  These diets are delivered by Teaching Assistants following the advice of the Occupational Therapist.