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Primary Resources
You can select General Resources or one of the 6 core religions from the top menu.
You are then given a wide selection of activities suitable for our students.
Look for resources that are aimed at KS1.
RE: Online
You are given 4 drop down menus - choose:
Key Stage - (Select KS1/ SEND resources)
Type of resource e.g activity/ audio visual
Then press submit and you will be led to a list of relevant resources
Intended for teachers, this website is currently offering its resources for free.
There are a list of key stages (Choose KS1) and once you click on the relevant one, you are redirected to a wide range of resources that cover all 6 core religions.
There are also links to video clips and home learning resources from a variety of providers to support students working from home.
BBC Teach
Click on age range 5-7 then choose RE.
Select short films about different aspects of religion.
BBC Bitesize
Select Primary Levels and KS1.
Choose the subject (RE).
Select one of the core religions and then choose a video clip or resource to watch.