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Phonics Play has a variety of online games and activities which are clearly labelled with the different Phonics phases to ensure that pupils are working at the right level
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Username: Frednics
Password: Rainbow
Collins Big Cat E-Books
A selection of e-books which can read read to pupils or have pupils read them themselves. Each e-book has a series of questions at the end of the book to test a pupil's understanding of what they have read.
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Similar to Phonics Play, this site contains a variety of different games to practise and consolidate Phonics and reading skills at different levels.
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Username: phonics@fns
Password: phonicsfun
A website with a variety fo games and activities to practise using punctuation for pupils working at early years and KS1 level
Games, activities, worksheets and riddles for pupils of different ages and abilities. You will need flash player to access most of the game elements on this website, although not for the other downloadable content.
Karate Cats - game to support the learning and consolidation of grammar and punctuation
A series of games based around the superhero genre to support and consolidate English skills including punctuation, grammar, reading comprehension and spelling
Instructional videos and explanations to support handwriting and correct letter formation.